Who Are We?

If you are an observer of American politics or public policy, you have probably seen Michael on television or read his writing.   His op-eds and other articles have appeared in nearly every major American newspaper, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall street Journal, and USA Today.   He is also the author of a dozen books on politics and policy, most recently Going for Broke: Devicits, Debt, and the Entitlement Crisis.  The New York Times Review of Books calls him “a lucid writer and skilled polemicist.” However, The Adami Chronicles represent his first excursion into fiction.

When not writing, he shares his passion for distance running with Ellen.  He also loves to travel and, with Ellen, hasridden horseback around the pyramids, walked the Great Wall, and taken a gondola through the canals of Venice.  He eagerly awaits their annual trips to St. Martin.

Michael is a fan of fantasy and counts George RR Martin, R. Scott Bakker, Patrick Rothfuss, and Michelle West among his favorite authors in the genre.  History and historical fiction are other favorites, so it seemed natural to combine them into this series.

Of course, he could not have written any of it without the assistance of his incredible wife, Ellen, and he remains forever in her debt.


Ellen’s interest in literature and writing is lifelong.  She has frequently used writing to further her projects in her non-profit and for profit business life, and was a part of a very talented writers’ circle in Bethesda for several years that greatly helped her sharpen her writing skills and goals.  (The group published a compilation of short stories entitled “The Pen is Mightier than the Broom”.) Michael’s interest in actually writing a novel, and wanting to do that collaboratively, enabled her to put her passion to the test.  The results are Days Dark as Night and Nights Lit by Fire.

Ellen resides with Michael and their dog, appropriately named Joet, and their cats Biscuit (for Sea Biscuit) and Xena, the more feral, warrior princess cat.  Ellen is a distance runner, a painter, and is currently driving her piano teacher crazy as she attempts to learn her first Bach prelude.

She is a fan of contemporary literature and counts J. M. Coetze, Ann Patchett, Patrick O’Brien, William Gibson, and Neal Stevenson, along with Peter Ackroyd and Nick Hornsby in her eclectic group of favorite authors.  Her son Dani and daughter Aviva, along with her daughter-in-law Charlotte are constant inspirations in their own zest for life, creativity and very critical eyes – all have helped extensively in manuscript review.

When not attempting any of the above, Ellen is an executive in a health care company, totally engrossed in the largest, most dysfunctional industry in America.

Before that, Ellen helped found the charitable Organization for Autism Research to help raise money for applied autism research and her distance running frequently helps raise donations for its on-going good works.